Shameless Self Promotion

I am absolutely no good at this.

I know they say if you have your own business and hope to have any level of success, you have to get out there and promote yourself and your business. The internet has made that a bit easier, but I was raised not to brag about things I have done – and really not to bring attention to myself. That makes business promoting difficult.

So I am taking a big step (alright – a baby step) and posting this announcement of items for sale on my website!

PDF Tutorial: “Flush Setting Faceted Stones

The PDF Tutorial on “Flush Setting Faceted Stones” by Connie Fox and me is up on the website. I am really proud of this tutorial. It contains text, photos, graphics and videos to help walk you step-by-step through the flush setting process. We spent many hours trying techniques, testing ideas and practicing different methods to come up with what we consider to be a straightforward, easy to understand approach to flush setting stones.

Tools for Jewelers and Metalsmiths from Twin Oaks Engineering

The other items for sale on my website are tools from Twin Oaks Engineering (Gil Jemmott). Many of you have met Gil, my husband, who is an engineer and has a small machine shop where he creates wonderful tools for jewelers and metalsmiths. Most of these tools come from my frustr