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I love to solder. And I use solder picks a LOT – to move things, to hold things, to pick solder, to push things down. Over the years, I have tried MANY different solder picks. I have made picks from heavy coat hangers, used a darning needle in a dowel rod, used an old ice pick and finally found the machinist’s scribes. I like them. They are pointed on one end and “L” shaped on the other – made of steel and have a separate middle piece so it doesn’t heat up too much. I used them for years.

Then I read about titanium picks. I ordered some – and the titanium tip was so thin, I bent it into a spiral like knot in no time at all. Then I used a bicycle spoke – similar issue. In talking to Gil (Twin Oaks Engineering) about the problem, he said, “Why don’t you make your own?” so I did. But then my students wanted them – and other students wanted them. Now Gil makes them.

These are fabulous. They don’t heat up (titanium doesn’t conduct heat well). They are sturdy enough that it’s difficult (but still possible) to bend them under heat – but even if you do, they can be straightened with little effort. Solder will NOT stick to them and best of all – to clean them, just toss them in the pickle! All the flux will just disappear. They will still be dark where they were heated. If that matters to you, just sand them down a bit. I leave mine – they are clean, with no flux – and ready to use!

  • Available in one end sharpened or both ends sharpened (please specify when ordering)
  • Does not transmit heat well
  • Solder will not stick to titanium
  • Flux can be cleaned off the pick by placing it in pickling acid

  • Price is for one soldering pick.

    Shipping fees for this item are $1.50 for a padded envelope for the continental USA only. If you are an international customer, will will contact you after you place your order with any additional fees that may apply and be added to your total.

    Please note: Due to some limitations with our shopping cart system, the cart will charge you $1.50 for shipping for each soldering pick you order. Since up to four picks can be mailed together for the same $1.50 fee, if you order four picks, we will send you a refund for the shipping overcharge.

    Please see image below for an additional view of this unique tool.

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    • Model: TO-SDPK
    • Manufactured by: Twin Oaks Engineering

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